Archivist and the Natural History Museum

It is approaching 20 years since Archivist first visited the Natural History Museum archives with a view to develop a stationery and gift range designed to bring the museum to a wider audience through a unique collection.

We are proud that in the intervening years the Archivist NHM Collection has developed a truly global and discerning customer base.

The resulting success of the collection has enabled Archivist to make significant contributions to the museum. These contributions have been made at a time when the work of the scientists has never been so important as mankind sets out to re-evaluate its relationship with the planet.

Beauty to appreciate

Our new collection exhibits a magnificent variety of animal, insect and plant species.

As ever our latest additions to the range include the beautiful flag Iris, the striking palm cockatoo and the slightly quirky skeletons!

We hope that there is something for everyone and that you enjoy browsing through these new designs.

To view our collection click here.

Remember each card purchased from our collection helps towards the museum’s pioneering work.